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As templates can often be fairly complex and depend on various external factors, this page outlines some guidelines for inclusion on Wikia Templates.



  • Templates should be self contained, and avoid calling other templates (unless absolutely necessary).
  • Templates which include CSS calls in their design should mention so. Generally it's best avoided, unless the CSS classes exist as standard.
  • Use images sparingly.


  • Templates should have usage and modification instructions. If they require other templates, this fact should be clearly documented, with links to the required templates.
  • Templates should aim to be easy to read and understand even without usage instructions.


  • Don't try and make the most extensible template ever - don't make everything a variable for the user to provide. For example, alignment of boxes: just pick an alignment and hard-code it, or make it the default choice.


For details about how template pages should be structured, see Template layout.

Other notes

  • Templates that are not complete should be placed in the Category:Underconstruction templates via {{Underconstruction}}.